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New Admissions Position Combines Multiple Roles

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Marie Sicola/Bullet
Marie Sicola/Bullet


Dean of Enrollment and Student Services Martin Wilder is heading a new Student Services division, combining many of the offices in Lee Hall.

Wilder was the vice president for enrollment, but his new position will encompass more.  This administrative change is part of President Hample’s goal to make Mary Washington a more student-centered institution.

Financial aid, the registrar, academic services, advising and support, career services and disability services are now all under Wilder in Lee Hall.

In addition to the cohesion of Student Services, the admissions department is currently undergoing a search for a new Dean of Admissions.  This division of power is intended to enhance customer service to the students.

The new Dean of Admissions will focus on bringing in students, scholarships and the initial impressions on potential students.

Wilder will now be focusing his attention on students who are already here.  Making an easy and seamless transition from “the cradle to the grave,” said Wilder.

By having all of the departments together in one building, they are working to omit the “campus runaround” often associated with the administration according to Wilder.  Problems that before would have taken days to be resolved going from building to building, are now taken care in one location.

“[The new offices] feel effective because they feel like the ticket booths at Kings Dominion.  They are simple, easy and fast,” junior Chris Donaher said.

The offices in Lee Hall now have more space to work and easier communication between offices.

“The people are nice and very helpful.  It actually looks like a real university,” sophomore Andi Castro said.

With over 30 years spent working at Mary Washington, Wilder has experience.  Since 1979, Wilder has worked in many enrollment positions at UMW.  Prior to UMW, he worked for the Stafford County Public Schools in the guidance department, according to the UMW website.

Wilder has three daughters, one of whom is a freshman at Mary Washington.

“I know the good, bad and otherwise,” said Wilder.