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UMW Dean Addresses Final Exam Mix-Up

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This Wednesday, as students crammed for upcoming exams, an unexpected change occurred on the online UMW final exam schedule.  The only known changes were to the 6:00-7:15 p.m. sections of Tuesday/Thursday classes.

The original exam was scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 10, and was changed to Tuesday, Dec. 8.
However, Associate Dean of Academic Services Dr. JoAnn Schrass said that Academic Services plans to change it back to the original schedule. She said the original syllabi from professors should be honored.
The change came as a surprise to students as well as faculty.
Junior Virginia Osella said that she looked at the exam schedule in advance to plan when she would be able to study.
“It’s harder for me to fit everything in if it’s on Tuesday instead,” she said.
When she learned the schedule would be changed back, Osella was relieved.
Osella said she sent an e-mail to her professor to ask him about the change.
“I e-mailed my professor and asked if he could keep it the same [when I thought it was on Thursday],” she said.  “I think it’s fair [to keep it the same], because we’ve all planned to study according to the schedule that was up.”
Schrass was unsure if any other exam times were affected.  The person who made the change was absent due to illness.
Some professors sent e-mails to students to let them know of the change, whereas some were not yet aware of the change.
Associate Professor of English Mara Scanlon said she did not notice the change.
“As I understand it, it is a simple error,” she said.
An official e-mail from Academic Services has not yet been sent to clarify the schedule.