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Student Dance Show PACs A Punch

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The Performing Arts Club presented their Fall Big Show on Saturday, Nov. 21 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 22 at 2:00 p.m. in Dodd Auditorium. Although the pamphlet made no mention of the title’s origin, the show, titled “Eugenius,” was named after the late UMW Professor of Dance, Eugene A. Roscoe, and marks the 11th year of his death.  This year, 13 pieces were included in the show that ranged in style from modern to ballet to hip-hop.

The show started off with the high energy “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” choreographed by senior Allie Sleeman.  Professor of Dance Tiffany Haughn, who choreographed the third dance, “Unending (Excerpt from Unsung)” was inspired by letters and interviews from American soldiers fighting in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  “Pork and Beans,” choreographed by senior Caroline Simpson, was a ballet that included sunglasses, costumes of hot pink and black, and retro dance moves.  “Let It Be” and “Divas” were pieces moved up from PAC’s Small Show, Oct. 28. The hip-hop dance “Divas” was choreographed by sophomores Shanita Mitchell and Darrylann Leonard and provided an exciting way to end Act I.

Act II began with another piece moved up from Small Show, “Too Proud For Love,” choreographed by sophmores Becky Lallande and Amanda Johnson, featuring junior Matt Motley.  Johnson and Lallande looked like dolls fighting for affection as he just sat on the edge of the stage in his own little world.  Professor Beverly Mendez choreographed a piece to Imogen Heap’s “Earth.”  The dance ended with all the dancers coming together at the end and reaching to the sky before sinking down into the ground.  For the 12th dance, dancers performed in silhouette with a sheet pulled in front of the stage.  “The Loving Tree,” choreographed by senior Jennifer Trotter, ended with a watering can pulling up a tree and the image of a leaf projected onto the screen.

After the show, junior Amber Goldwasser said, “the show was very entertaining, and the dancers all seemed to put a lot of effort into their dances.”
“I think the show had a pretty great variety—lyrical dances, powerful dances like the opening and finale, cute ones like Becky and Amanda’s, and just really fun ones—like the Divas.  The show was really strong and I can’t wait to do it again this spring,” said junior Brittany Thompson, a PAC dancer.

The final piece of the night was “Animal Instincts” choreographed by senior Meredith Trice.  The animalist girl power-themed piece was tribal and fierce.  The girls overcame the guy and dragged him to the ground before running off stage, leaving the audience wanting more.