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Police Beat-Dec. 5 to Jan. 18

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Dec. 1- UMW police recovered a stolen saxaphone valued at $900 from a local pawn shop. The investigation continues.

Dec. 5- UMW police received a report of a hit and run at a pedestrian crossing on Double Drive at the bell tower. The individual continued on to an exam, reporting the incident two hours later. The person did not seek medical treatment.

Dec. 9- UMW security at the parking deck reported a car driving recklessly on the fourth level of the deck. Police issued a warning to the driver.

Jan. 12- Police responded to an emergency call from the Combs Hall elevator but when they arrived, the phone had been removed from the receiver. There was no emergency.

Jan. 12- The same day, police responded to an emergency call from Trinkle Hall, outside room 107. No one reported seeing or hearing any evidence of an emergency.

Jan. 12- Police responded to another emergency call, this time from the Tennis Center elevator. When they arrived, a mother said her young child pushed the button and that there was no emergency.

Jan. 12- Police responded to a second emergency call from the Tennis Center elevator and, upon arrival, encountered the same mother and child and no emergency.

Jan. 14- A parent of a current student contacted the UMW police, stating the student’s identity had been stolen and the student’s Facebook account had been hacked. The parent and student will file information reports with Fredericksburg and UMW police. The student’s hometown police have been notified.

Jan. 15- A resident assistant from Jefferson Hall contacted UMW police to report bodily excrement on the front door of one of the rooms. Housekeeping staff cleaned up the area.

Jan. 15- Police responded to a report of an intoxicated student at the Eagle’s Nest. Upon arrival, the police returned the student to the residence hall where the resident assistant on-duty completed an administrative referral.

Jan. 15- Police responded to a report of an intoxicated student at the UMW Apartments. The student, who is a commuter, was arrested for being drunk in public and taken to Mary Washington Hospital.

Jan. 16- A UMW security guard notified police of individuals exiting the pool area of Goolrick Hall after accessing the area without permission. UMW police found six current students and one former student when they arrived. Police gave the former student a warning for trespassing and referred the six current students to the administration.

Jan. 17- Fredericksburg police notified UMW police that one UMW student and one other individual were trespassing on the Eagle Village construction site. Both people were arrested for trespassing.

Jan. 17- A resident assistant of Mason Hall called police after three people tried to pull out the window air conditioning unit of the RA’s room in an attempt to get into the dorm. UMW police found the three students and returned them to Mason. Residence Life is handling the case.

Jan. 18- A resident assistant from Mason Hall reported that the second floor emergency door was damaged. Police found that the frame of the door had been ripped off, making it possible to get into Mason from the outside. Because of the extensive damage, a work order was placed to repair the door. Police told residence life staff that if the door is opened before it is fixed, an alarm will sound and UMW police will respond.

Jan. 19- A resident assistant from Russell Hall contacted UMW Police to report a highly intoxicated residential student who had urinated in the hallway and requested police and medical assistance. When police arrived, the student had left the building. As the rescue squad stood by, police made a sweep of the area and found the student on Mortimer Street. Police returned the student to Russell for evaluation by the rescue squad and then turned the student over to residence life staff.