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JRB Ready to Run Mid-Year Election

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Recent mid-term vacancies for the Judicial Review Board (JRB) will be filled by a special election at the Eagle’s Nest this Friday, Feb. 5.

The special election is being held to complete the terms of four class members who are not fulfilling their commitment on the board.

While special elections are not regular events, the number of openings on the JRB is the result of “different circumstances for a few members,” according to junior Brian DeMott, JRB president.

The recent graduation of one member, the transfer to a different university by another and a semester abroad by yet another representative account for three of the openings, and one member from the class of 2011 decided not to complete his term.

This election will be a paper ballot only and held at the front of the Eagle’s Nest. Students are encouraged to vote for openings in their class.

One representative is needed for the class of 2010, two representatives will be elected for the class of 2011 and one is needed for the class of 2013. Students may only vote for representatives within their own class.

Representatives elected this Friday will complete the balance of this year’s term. If they wish to serve on the board further, each will have to run in the regular elections held later in the semester.

According to the UMW Student Handbook, the Judicial Review Board handles violations of university policy, including cases concerning alcohol violations, property issues, disorderly conduct, automobile and parking issues and violations involving computers.

There are 20 elected members of the JRB, with each class represented by five members. Depending on the case load, the JRB usually hears cases twice per week, with a board made up of five representatives.

Nominations for the regular election in March for representatives to the JRB will take place before spring break this year. Mandatory workshops held for all interested candidates will be announced in the OSACS newsletter.