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New Hendrix Album Out Soon

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by Landon James

The mist has risen from the archives of one of modern music’s seminal forefathers. Jimi Hendrix is finally back from the dead to showcase some unfinished, show-stopping hits.

“Valleys of Neptune,” a song originally recorded in some of the last studio sessions of the icon’s life, will hit shelves soon. This will provide hungry Hendrix fans with a belly-full.

Never officially released, “Valleys of Neptune” only appeared on a ’90s compilation entitled “Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story.”  The title track of the new compilation, “Valleys of Neptune,” was released as a single on Feb 2 as a precursor to the full album’s March 9 release date.

“Valleys” is taken from the killing floor of Hendrix’s final studio sessions for “First Rays of the Rising Sun,” his last official work—which was posthumously finished and released. The blistering new 12-track compilation displays the multi-faceted side of Hendrix through album covers, unearthed and unreleased tracks and rerecorded interpretations of signature pieces.

Tracks include covers of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” and blues guitarist Elmore James’s “Bleeding Heart.” New versions of “Red House,” “Fire” and “Stone Free” remain included. The album also includes new Hendrix originals “Ships Passing Through The Night,” “Crying Blue Rain” and “Valleys of Neptune” at the helm.

Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC, along with John McDermott and original Hendrix studio engineer, Eddie Kramer, are producing the album.

“My brother was at home in the studio. ‘Valleys of Neptune’ offers deep insight into his mastery of the recording process and demonstrates the fact that he was unparalleled as a recording innovator as he was a guitarist. His brilliance shines through on every one of these precious tracks,” Janie Hendrix told Rolling Stone this year.

Not only does this album highlight Hendrix’s music, but it also opens doors to Hendrix’s other talents, such as painting.

“Before he became a musician, Jimi wanted to be an artist,” Hendrix explained.

Hendrix’s high school masterpieces make up the album cover. The water-filled Neptunian landscape exemplifies Hendrix’s creativity, otherwise overlooked and unknown.

Janie Hendrix also facilitated the re-mastered special CD/DVD releases of all of Hendrix’s previously released albums.

March 4 will mark the beginning of the “Experience Hendrix Tour 2010” featuring artists such as Joe Satriani, Johnny Lang, Brad Whitford from Aerosmith and many more.

Hendrix proved his music exceeds the boundary of words. This March will mark yet another milestone for the legend and his countless fans.