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Police Beat–Feb. 3 to Feb. 9

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Feb. 3- UMW police responded to Alvey Hall because of a call from residents that there was a rabid raccoon in the parking lot between Arrington Hall and Alvey Hall. The residents said that the raccoon ran up to them and attempted to bite them while they were walking. No one was touched or bitten by the animal. When police arrived, the raccoon was gone and no one in the area reported seeing it. Police took a report and passed on the information to Facilities Services.

Feb. 4- Around 1 a.m., UMW police saw a vehicle that had slid into the ditch at the corner of Sunken Road and Fitzhugh Street. The driver was slumped over inside the vehicle. Police called the Fredericksburg Rescue Squad to help. After police gave the driver a ‘breath test,’ they found that the driver was highly intoxicated. The driver’s vehicle was towed and impounded. The driver was arrested and placed in Rappahannock Regional Jail. The driver has no known affiliation to UMW.

Feb. 5- UMW police and the Frederickburg Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the UMW Apartments. When they arrived, they found the alarm was set off by burning food that a student had left on the stove. There were no damages to the building or injuries to anyone.

Feb. 9- Around 12:30 p.m., a female UMW student left the Giant grocery store on Route 1 in Fredericksburg. As she was leaving the store, a male approached her and identified himself as being with Giant security. He said he would escort the student to her car. The student told him that Giant did not have security and that she did not need an escort. Then, the man grabbed her arm in an aggressive way and tried to guide her from the store to the parking lot. The student yelled at him to leave her alone and by doing so, attracted the attention of passersby. The man let go of her and returned to the front area of the store. The student immediately reported the incident to the Fredericksburg Police Department. Police are investigating the incident, as well as two similar incidents in the area.

Reminders from UMW Police:
All students are reminded to be aware of their surroundings in parking lots and when approaching public buildings. It is suggested that while in this situation, students should not wear earphones or have cell phone conversations so that they can hear people approaching. When returning to a vehicle, students should have all of their attention and effort dedicated to their surroundings and their vehicle. Students should have their keys in their hands before they get to their car, so that they are not searching for them as they walk. Also, police suggest using a remote car lock whenever possible. If a student is approached by someone or is coerced into a situation where he or she does not feel comfortable, the student should not hesitate to loudly demand for the person to leave. The student should attract as much attention as possible until the person leaves and the student is in a safe place.

The UMW community is reminded to check the UMW Public Safety lost and found. The public safety office receives many items on a daily basis. To check for a lost item, visit Brent Hall during the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The person will need a description of the lost item and a valid ID.