The Weekly Ringer

The University of Mary Washington Student Newspaper

Police Beat–Feb. 16 to March 8

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Feb. 16- UMW police assisted a student in a wheelchair get into duPont Hall. Because ice and snow had accumulated on the ramp near Melchers Hall, the student couldn’t use the wheelchair ramp. The officer took the student through Pollard Hall.

Feb. 17- Fredericksburg police and UMW police had a meeting regarding a dash pass that students have brought to the Fredericksburg police. The students claim the passes are issued by the UMW police. According to the departments, the students are presenting the passes in an attempt to have Fredericksburg City parking tickets dismissed. Both departments know the pass is a counterfeit and recognize the type, style and wording of the fake permits. Police recommend that students stop using the fake permits to avoid fines.

Feb. 18- UMW police responded to a housekeeper’s call of a possible burglary in Lee Hall. When police responded, they found money and checks left on a desk. Police put the items in a secured bag and stored it in the UMW police headquarters while the investigation continued. Later, police learned that the office staff had not secured the items the night before but that nothing was missing.

Feb. 19- While on patrol, students working for the police department reported that someone had tampered with locks, doors and windows on the fourth floor of George Washington Hall. They took pictures and made a report. The investigation continues.

Feb. 21- UMW police and the Fredericksburg Fire Department responded to a fire alarm on the second floor of Marshall Hall. They found the culprit–burned food–in the second floor common area. There were no damages or injuries.

Feb. 22- A UMW student reported a stalking incident by a former friend, who is not a UMW student. The relationship between the student and the stalker ended before the student came to UMW. The UMW police are working closely with the student to ensure the student’s well-being.
Feb. 22- A student reported that her wallet was stolen from Virginia Hall. The student found the wallet in a trash can in the women’s restroom in Virginia the next day.

Feb. 23- UMW police responded to a staff member’s complaint that an unauthorized person had gained access to the Modern Foreign Languages suite in Combs Hall. When police arrived, the person was gone. Police took a report and the investigation continues.

Feb. 23- A student reported that the brick restraining wall at the University Apartments fell on her vehicle, damaging it.

Feb. 24- UMW police and the Fredericksburg Fire Department responded to a call for the possible smell of propane gas. The smell, a combination of stain and varnish, came from the UMW Facilities Services shop area. Facilities Services properly ventilated the area and the smell dissipated.

Feb. 28- The security guard on-duty at the parking deck called the UMW police about someone who requested access to the security sheck who did not have proper authorization. When police arrived, the person was gone. Police got a description of the person from the security guard and placed it on-file.

Mar. 2- A student came to Brent Hall to tell police about an encounter she had at the University Apartments. As she was entering the driveway in her car, two males approached her and blocked the entrance. She blew her horn at them, but, instead of leaving, the men followed her vehicle as she drove by. Rather than park her car, the student continued to drive around and out of the parking lot and went directly to Brent Hall. Officers went to the Apartments and walked through the area as well as the parking lot. Police did not find anyone matching the student’s description of the men.

Mar. 8- UMW police took a report of vandalism in Jefferson Hall. Someone pulled out the glass covering the ceiling lights in the elevator and broke all the light bulbs.