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Buzz Sutherland to Bring Laughs to The Underground

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As the semester begins to wind down and the workload begins taking its toll, a release from these stresses is often healthy and much needed. One such release, should you feel in the mood for laughter, will be taking place tonight at 8 p.m. in the Underground where comedian Buzz Sutherland will be bringing his act to UMW.

Buzz Sutherland hails from St. Louis, Mo. and is known for bringing an original and creative set to the stage for each and every performance. Sutherland’s stand up includes a multitude of impressions, one of which is a hilarious take on Donald Duck. Known for his clean act, Sutherland still provides laughs to his audience through impersonations, weird facial expressions that border on the realm of physical comedy, and satire of Southern American culture as well as popular culture. Buzz Sutherland is known for having two distinct comedic acts: one in which he is a sort of “corporate entertainer,” playing at meetings and business events, and the other is that of a college circuit comedian. Sutherland professionally tailors his style and delivery based on which of the two venues he is performing. Having performed on HBO’s “Comic Relief,” MTV’s “Half Hour Comedy Show,” and a spot on CMT’s “Greatest Redneck Moments II”, Sutherland is not without experience in inducing laughter. So, if you are interested in relieving any end-of-year stress and wouldn’t mind enjoying a clean-cut yet hilarious comedy act, then head on over to the Underground at 8:00 p.m. tonight for what is sure to be a gut-bustlingly funny event.