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Men's Lacrosse Topples Wooster

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Saturday March 13th at 5 p.m., the Mary Washington men’s lacrosse team hosted a game on the school’s turf fields against Wooster College from Wayne County, Ohio.  The Eagles had an exciting 12-6 victory over the Fighting Scots and many of the players saw the game as a break though win for the Eagles.

The Scots scored only one goal of their seven attempts during the first half of the game, while the Eagles put away five in that time. The first quarter ended with a 2-1 lead for Mary Washington, with points scored by senior Brian Deal and sophomore Harry Snyder.

During the second quarter, Snyder and juniors Brian Meaney and Mark Bowler each scored goals, expanding their lead over the Scots to 5-1.  Bowler, junior Even Weiss and senior Ryan Motyka put away the next four goals for the Eagles in the third quarter, Bowler with two.

In the fourth quarter, the Scots valiantly attempted a comeback as they scored five more points, but the Eagles had already secured their win at the beginning of the fourth, putting three more points on the board to win the game with a six-point lead.  Snyder, senior James Fitzella and Weiss scored the last three goals for Mary Washington.

Sophomore goalies Matt Prinn and Ryan Montgomery each made essential saves for the Eagles, Prinn with 11 and Montgomery with one.

“Before the Wooster game we anticipated a fast-paced offense and a slow-paced defense,” Prinn said. “Which meant our defense had to be ready for quick shots and our offense had to take advantage of weak slides. At halftime the team’s goal was to not let Wooster have a chance at getting back into the game.”

Mid-fielder Evan Weiss scored two goals and made one assist during Saturday’s game and felt that it was the team’s best game of the season, thus far.

“I think that if we can limit our turnovers we’re going to have a very successfully season,” Weiss said. “After a slow start, I feel like we’re finally starting to get into a groove and if we can keep it up will be a very hard team to beat.”

Junior mid-fielder Kohl Meyer supplied three assists for the Eagles in the victory.

“It was a solid win,” Meyer said. “We’re finally starting to pull it together as a team, which is what we’ve been striving for. Hopefully we keep the streak going with a win over Randolph Macon.”
Come out to support the lacrosse men this Saturday at 1 p.m. as they take on Goucher College on their home turf.