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Police Beat-March 9 to March 23

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March 9- UMW police arrested John W. Marshall for violation of of a trespass order which barred him from UMW property. Marshall has no affiliation to UMW.

March 10- A student reported a lost cell phone. Police took a report.

March 13- The parent of a UMW student called the UMW police because she had received a call from an unknown female who had found her son’s cell phone. The only way the mother could contact her son was via the cell phone. She requested that the UMW police contact her son and tell him to call her. Police notified the student. The incident is not related to the March 10 lost cell phone.

March 13- Someone hit or knocked down the one-way traffic sign at the bottom of Marshall Hill. Police took a report.

March 15- A male student entered the female locker room in Goolrick Hall and started changing. A female student, who was in the shower at the time, made a complaint of indecent exposure to the UMW police. When police arrived, they found that the male student had entered the locker room by mistake and that he did not have a bad intent in accessing the female locker room. No charges were made.

March 15- Shortly after one a.m., UMW police and Fredericksburg police responded to multiple reports of a woman screaming in the area of Colony Road. When police arrived, the UMW student told them that she was “playing around with her friends.” Both Fredericksburg and UMW police completed information reports. UMW police called back those who had initially called in with the reports so that they would not be worried.

March 17- A UMW student reported that a silver blue Schwinn Sierro bike, estimated at a $280 value, was missing. The bike was located on March 20 in front of Jefferson Hall.

March 17- Two female students were verbally warned for failure to follow a police officer’s instructions while the officer was conducting an investigation into a complaint.

March 21- A UMW student broke a window on the second floor of Marshall Hall. The student was referred to the adminstration.

March 21- UMW police and the Fredericksburg Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the University Apartments. Someone’s burned food had set off the fire alarm. No one was injured and nothing was damaged.

March 21- UMW police responded to Alvey Hall because a student was suffering an allergic reaction after eating nuts in a piece of biscotti. The Fredericksburg Rescue Squad took the student to Mary Washington Hospital for treatment.

March 22- Someone threw rocks through a car’s window in the Marshall Hall parking lot, breaking a window. The student who owns the car responded and verified that nothing appeared to be missing from the car. UMW police continue to investigate.

March 22- UMW police responded to a carbon monoxide alert from University Apartments building 1108. Police found that the batteries in the detector had died, causing the alarm. A UMW Facilities Services electrician responded to fix the alarm.

March 22- A student reported a bike missing. The student hasn’t seen the bike, which is worth about $100, since before Winter Break. Police took an information report.

March 22- UMW police and the Fredericksburg Fire Department showed up at Ball Hall, responding to a call of the smell of smoke. Smoke was coming from the generator in the basement, though there were no flames. A UMW Facilities Services electrician repaired the generator, after which the UMW police and the fire department left the scene.