The Weekly Ringer

The University of Mary Washington Student Newspaper

Police Beat–March 23-30

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March 23- A student reported to the UMW police that her wallet was stolen. Since the theft occurred on Highland Avenue and not on-campus, UMW police took an information report and referred the student to the Fredericksburg police for a crime report.

March 24- During a patrol, UMW police found that rooms B11, 217 and 308 in George Washington Hall were open. Police searched the building and found a vending machine toppled over. Apparently someone had attempted to access the George Washington Hall roof. Police took a report and started an investigation. Police did not find any equipment missing from any of the open rooms.

March 25- A resident assistant from Mason Hall made a report to police about graffiti on a door in the building.
March 27- Fredericksburg police transferred a student caller to UMW police. The student said he thought he may have witnessed an abduction at the parking deck. UMW police responded, took statements and interviewed the security guards on-duty. According to the security guards, no one had observed any suspicious activity. A review of the video recordings at the parking deck also showed nothing suspicious. Police have not received any reports of a missing student.

March 28- UMW police and the Fredericksburg Fire Department  responded to a fire alarm at Mason Hall. When they arrived, they did not find any smoke or fire but, they saw that someone had pulled a fire extinguisher, causing the alarm to activate. By an order of the fire department, evacuated students could not return inside the building until the fire extinguisher propellant was cleaned up. Trinkle Hall was open so the students could wait inside the buiding while the fire department cleaned up Mason.

March 28- UMW police responded to a call regarding property destruction of state property at Alvey Hall. When police arrived, they found that someone had spray painted “let’s get high” outside Alvey.

March 28- During a patrol, UMW police found a broken window at Hamlet House, an administrative building on College Avenue. Police were not able to determine what broke the window. Police filed a damage to state property report.