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The Best and Worst of Mary Washington: The Results

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Best Mexican Food: Soup and Taco
Best Italian Food: Castiglia’s
Best Chinese Take-Out: Hunan Garden
Best Pizza: Primavera
Best Bar: Capital Ale House
Best Drink Specials: Spirits
Best Coffee Place: Hyperion
Best Antique Store: Justin’s
Best Bookstore: Riverby’s
Best Place to Take a Date: Castiglia’s
Best Reason to Go to Central Park: Chipotle
Best Tattoo Parlor: Sorry Mom
Best Hair Salon: Bubble’s
Best Street to Live On: Charles
Best Breakfast Place: I-Hop
Best Music Venue: Otter House

Party Style
Best Place to Buy Beer: Shell
Wildest Party Street: Charles
Best Late-Night Food: Taco Bell
Biggest Party Dorm: Mason
Best Make Out Spot: Outdoor Amphitheater
Best Cheap Beer: Natty Ice
Cheap Liquor: Burnett’s

School Life
Best Professor: Gary Richards
Hottest Professor: Colin Rafferty
Best Dressed Professor: Gary Richards
Best Administrator: Dean Rucker
Least Visible Administrator: Hample
Most Annoying Major: Theatre
Most Overrated Major: Psychology
Easiest Major: English
Hardest Major: Chemistry
Best Place to Study: Library
Most Challenging Year: Junior
Least Challenging Year: Freshman
Most Outdated School Policy: One Strike Drug Policy

Around Campus
Best Bathroom: Lee Hall
Worst Bathroom: Trinkle
Best Campus Event: Devil Goat Day
Best Campus Band: The Like Whatevers
Worst Campus Band: The Like Whatevers
Best Dish at Seaco: Mama Jean’s Pasta
Worst Dish: No consensus
Best Place to Eat on Campus: the Underground
Most Creative Use of Monroe Fountain: Bubbles
Best Student Religious Organization: Campus Christian Community
Friendliest Campus Employee: Amber at Seaco
Best Spot to Park: College Avenue
Most Visible Club: Students Helping Honduras
Most Annoying Club: The Frat
Quietest Dorm: Ball
Best Dorm: Williard
Sluttiest Dorm: Virginia
Most Recognizable Campus Personality: Dean Rucker
Best Weekly Underground Event: Bingo
Most Spirited Team: Swimming
Best Team to Party With: Frisbee
Best Male Athlete: Calvin Clessas and Nick Eckoff (tie)
Best Female Athlete: Sarah Crockett
Best Men’s Team: Swimming
Best Women’s Team: Swimming and Basketball (tie)
Most Unappreciated Team: Swimming