The Weekly Ringer

The University of Mary Washington Student Newspaper

Police Beat- April 13 to April 19

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April 13- A UMW student reported that her license plate was missing from her car on Sunken Road.

April 13- A UMW student reported that on April 8, while waiting for a taxi at the Bell Tower, a man approached her.  He asked the student if they were at the Bell Tower and said he was waiting for a ride as well.  The man offered a ride to the student, but the taxi pulled up and the student got in.  The incident was reported to the police when the student returned and decided to tell someone.

April 14- A UMW student filed a report complaining about a faculty member who yelled at her in regard to the student parking in the Faculty/Staff parking lot near Chandler Hall.

April 16- A UMW student filed a complaint regarding a loud party at the University Apartments.  After further investigation, Residence Life staff shut down the party.

April 16- UMW Police responded to a call of a highly upset student in Randolph Hall.  The student was turned over to Residence Life staff for assistance.

April 16- On a routine patrol, UMW Police noticed two intoxicated students on Campus Walk.  When approched by the police, one student ran and the other stayed to talk with the police.  Both students received administrative referrals.

April 16- UMW Police received a report from a UMW student that another UMW student may have been sexually assaulted at an off campus location in Fredericksburg.  The case was turned over to Fredericksburg Police for further investigation.

April 17- A UMW student was transported from the Battlegrounds to Mary Washington Hospital by Fredericksburg Rescue with a suspected broken leg.

April 17- A UMW student was transported from the Battlegrounds to Mary Washington hospital by Fredericksburg Rescue with a possible concussion.

April 17- Fredericksburg Rescue responded to a call from the Jepson Alumni Center, where an elderly guest was having breathing difficulties.

April 18- Residence Life staff requested UMW police assistance due to suspicions of marijuana use in Russell Hall.  When police responded, the use of “heavy scent diffuser” in the area of suspected activity made the use and location of the marijuana unable to be confirmed.

April 19- A UMW student reported his bike missing.  The bike was later located in a ditch behind Brent Hall.