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Student Art For Sale On The Cheap

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The Annual Student yArt Sale opened Tuesday, April 20 to the pleasure of students and community members looking to find a reasonable deal on fine art.

Outside the Ridderhof Gallery, tables were set up showcasing pieces by UMW artists that had been completed this past year. While the sale was presented by a relatively small group of artists, the works ranged widely in medium.  Items included pottery, black and white photos, paintings, wood and silk prints, textiles, jewelry, and glasswork to name a few.

Not only did the sale provide a diverse canvas of skill sets, but the subject varied from booth to booth. No matter what type of art piece you sought, it was sure to be found. Artists were receptive to questions, sharing stories of how particular intricate pieces were made.

Of course, the best aspect was the low prices for the beautiful creations of the group. UMW artists were friendly and willing to bargain to ensure all potential customers left with new decorative possessions for their homes or dorms, without feeling guilty about the cost.

Selling their work seemed to be a high point for the student artists, who had to part with their beloved creations.

“I feel positive towards my work,” junior Meredith Roane said. “I’ll miss it.”

However, she was quick to say that giving away her artwork–her “babies”–was a fulfilling experience.

“I’m glad it found a good home,” said Roane.

Other artists shared Roane’s feelings, echoing her sentiment towards exhibiting and profiting from their pieces.

“It feels great,” Rachel Hicks said.  She also pointed out the benefit that selling student artwork at such low prices provided for the community. “Who wants to go to a gallery and spend $300?” Hicks asked.

When you can purchase impressive, talented items for a mere five to ten dollars, it is hard to imagine why you would.