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'Going The Distance' Doesn't Quite Reach its Goal

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Based on its trailer, “Going the Distance” looked like a romantic comedy that had the potential to be truly great. Instead, not only does it not “go the distance,” but it offers nothing new to the genre and falls flat in important aspects. It’s a story that is neither moving nor memorable.

The movie stars Justin Long and Drew Barrymore as Garret and Erin, a couple in a long distance relationship stretched between New York and San Francisco. Their chemistry was surprisingly lackluster despite their real life history as an on-again, off-again couple.

Little effort went into the performances, making it extremely difficult to actually care about whether or not they would make it though to the credits. Their relationship was also based much more heavily around sex rather than any romance or love, making them appear more like a case of infatuation than anything real.

Another weak aspect to the movie is its plot. Nothing new happens in this film that you haven’t already seen in any other romantic comedy; it’s a predictable storyline punctuated with a running lineup of sex jokes.

There were a few unexplored plot points that could have helped to fill out the film, like Erin’s close relationship with her British bartender friend, Damon, or Garret’s less-than-satisfactory job and his problem with commitment. Had these points been fleshed out, the film might have been more engaging.

Despite these hang-ups, “Going the Distance” was highly enjoyable, largely thanks to its supporting cast, most notably Christina Applegate and Charlie Day of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Applegate plays Erin’s neurotic sister, Corinne, while Day is Garret’s hilariously awkward friend, Dan. Both excel in their roles, giving unique and amusing performances that manage to be memorable long after the film is over.

Though “Going the Distance” wasn’t terrible, it definitely wasn’t wonderful, either. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to skip this film and wait for the DVD. But if schoolwork has you beat, this romantic comedy might be a nice break from the heavy burden of homework and endless reading assignments.