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The Undeniably Adjacent are Undeniably Hilarious

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It’s Friday night at 8 p.m.

If you were to ask anyone: “What do you think college kids are doing right now?” you’d probably get an answer like “pre-gaming” or “hitting up their first party of the night.”

However, last Friday night, Combs 139 was filled past capacity. People crowded into the movie theater-style classroom, sat in the aisles and crammed in by the door.

Why would so many college students decide to spend their Friday night in a classroom? The answer is to watch UMW’s only improv comedy team, the Undeniably Adjacent, work their magic.

“I judged all the other events on campus and this sounded the most fun,” said sophomore Karmel James when asked why she decided to spend her Friday night at the show.

The Undeniably Adjacent’s director, senior Kyle Dratwa, began the show by asking the crowd for a random prompt. “Tea party” was the phrase that began the first of three shows.

The first skit was about a time-traveling Batman that tries to stop the American colonists from having the Boston Tea Party. From there, the skits were about everything from Peter Pan to nude Pilates. The members of the Undeniably Adjacent worked well off of each other to smooth out some awkward moments in scenes.

“They have good timing checking each other. They run across [to end the skit] at good points to make the show flow better,” said sophomore Abby Kimmitt.

There were a few skits that were “crowd favorites,” said junior Isaac Whalen, one of the Undeniably Adjacent actors. Some of the jokes were taken a bit far, however. They overdid Democrats vs. Republicans and Sarah Palin jokes, and occasionally walked the line between funny and offensive.

“Before they were a lot less vulgar; sometimes it’s a bit much,” said Kimmitt, who attended several shows last year. The team did know when they had stepped over the line though.

“Sorry if we offended your political or religious beliefs, race, or in any other way,” Dratwa apologized during one of the intermissions, “and if we didn’t, don’t worry, we’re getting to you.”

The crowd’s response to the show was definitely positive.

“[The show was] amazing! They’re comic geniuses!” James said enthusiastically after the show.

“I think the UA show is hilarious,” said sophomore Leslie Boyette. “I go to every one and it’s definitely worth my time. The laid back atmosphere really makes for a great show.”

If you’re looking for a different way to spend your Friday night, there are undoubtedly good times to be had at the Undeniably Adjacent improv comedy show. It’s definitely worth going.