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'The Other Guys' is a Great Flick for Ferrell Fanatics

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What makes Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg any different than Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker or Mel Gibson and Danny Glover? Aside from the lack of racial tension, nothing. But that doesn’t mean that “The Other Guys” isn’t an entertaining comedy with plenty of laughs.

The film details the exploits of Terry Hoitz, a disgraced detective played by Mark Wahlberg, and Allen Gamble, Will Ferrell’s domesticated forensic accountant. When an opportunity arises for the underdog duo to rise up to superstar status among their department, Hoitz grabs the prospect by the horns with a reluctant Gamble in tow.

Wahlberg and Ferrell have a great chemistry that makes what could have been an incredibly mediocre movie rather enjoyable. Right off the bat, the film cements the two’s hilarious dynamic with an exchange over the predatory merits of tuna fish versus lions, with Ferrell providing one of his most side-splitting monologues to date.

Equally enjoyable are Hoitz and Gamble’s character foils, Danson and Highsmith, portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson respectively. This pair of super cops who steal Hoitz and Gamble’s spotlight provide quite a few laughs and could easily carry their own buddy cop film.

Eva Mendes also shines as Gamble’s humble wife. She’s hilarious as Gamble constantly berates her for no reason, while simultaneously being the object of shock, jealousy and passion for Hoitz.

Further cameos are made by Michael Keaton, the duo’s police chief who also happens to work the nightshift at Bed Bath & Beyond, and Steve Coogan playing a corporate big-wig, proving once again that he can be the perfect sleazy, obnoxious blemish in even the best ensembles. Derek Jeter also appears in an entertaining flashback of just how Hoitz became the black sheep of the force.

“The Other Guys” is definitely worth seeing. I’m not sure whether it completely justifies the price of admission at the average movie theater, but for just $1 in Cheap Seats, it’s a great movie to take some like-minded Ferrell fans to and have plenty of laughs.