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David Spade in Vegas: The King of Sarcasm Delivers

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Sarcasm at its best, the king of sarcasm, David Spade, completely delivered in his stand-up show in Vegas.

David Spade is known for his sarcastic roles in movies and television shows for the past 30 or so years. You may have seen him in movies such as “Tommy Boy” or “Joe Dirt” but his stand-up performance exceeds them all, which could be very surprising considering his role in television shows and movies honestly could not be better.

I entered the theatre in the Venetian hotel with high hopes that I would leave having laughed a few laughs, but I left with tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. I was not alone either; the entire audience was cracking up from start to finish. Spade immediately caught the attention of the whole audience and they were all hanging onto his every last word. There was not a seat left in the audience, it was a sold out show.

Spade is a mastermind at controlling the audience and is completely at ease and relaxed while doing so. He makes the audience feel totally comfortable by his leisure attitude and personality. Every joke meshed with the next, they flowed together perfectly.

Spade talked about how his mother had persuaded him into getting a dog and how it was a complete adjustment since he never had something so attached to him in his life before. Instances like this allowed the audience to relate to him in some way, on some level. Being able to relate to a person brings about a much better experience.

Seeing Spade, a famous superstar, in person was certainly something to behold. He is as big as it gets in the entertainment world but on stage looks just like you and me, ordinary people. His immense superstardom has not gotten the best of him and this was validated when he walked onto the stage in blue jeans, a plaid shit and a baseball cap, attire you would not associate with such a celebrity.

One slight criticism of Spade’s stand-up show would have to be the lack of involvement with the audience. I had expected Spade to call someone up from the audience and onto the stage at some point during his act but never did that happen. This sort of involvement would have added a little more variety to his show and a lucky member of the audience would have been able to meet him, I had been hoping that it would have been me.

This small criticism in no way took away from the show in the least. Spade delivered hilarious sarcasm and whit throughout his entire performance and if any of you ever get the chance to see him in his stand-up performance, do not pass it up, it will definitely be worth your time and every penny.