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Drug Trials Continue

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Trials continue for the 14 UMW students and one former student accused of drug-related charges in a sting operation that  began in July.

Former UMW student Sebastian Ensign, 20, pled not guilty on Nov. 4 at the arraignment in Fredericksburg Circuit Court for possession of controlled substances.

William Bleimeister, 19, was arraigned yesterday in Fredericksburg Circuit Court on charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Andrew Freakley, 20, was arraigned on Oct. 21 and his preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 16 on charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and felony possession of marijuana in general district court.

Stuart Smith, 19, was also arraigned in general district court on Oct. 21 and has his preliminary hearing set on Dec. 16. However, his charges have been changed to felony possession of Adderral, felony possession of ecstacy and possession of marijuana.

Charles Cowan, 20, had a hearing on Oct. 28 in general district court that was waived. His preliminary hearing will be on Dec. 16 for charges of possession of marijuana and a controlled substance.

William Crowder, 20, was arraigned on Oct. 21 and had an attorney review Nov. 9 in court. His preliminary hearing will take place on Dec. 16 in general district court for charges of manufacturing a controlled substance.

Abraham Dayton, 19, was arraigned on Oct. 28 and has a preliminary hearing on Jan. 13 in general district court for his charge of manufacturing a controlled substance.

Derek Rhule, 19, who appeared in court Oct. 25 will appear again on Nov. 17 for arraignment in Fredericksburg Circuit Court.