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The Undeniably Adjacent and Dr. Kilmartin Team Up for a Hilarious Show

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The Undeniably Adjacent hosted the first improv show of the semester with undeniable success as a result of two key ingredients: endless hilarity and psychology professor, Dr. Kilmartin. Combs 139 was packed past-capacity with professors and students alike, eager to witness Dr. Kilmartin’s stand-up comedy and the improv group’s infamous one-word suggestion performances.

Rather than adhering to the typical one-word phrase and ensuing thirty-minute performance, the Undeniably Adjacent allotted the first 10 minutes of the show to Dr. Kilmartin to perform his stand-up routine. Dr. Kilmartin instantly won the crowd over with his casual greeting, “What the hell is up?”

Dr. Kilmartin ceased to shy away from subjects all over the spectrum––from anecdotal tales of Catholic school and college to whimsical subjects such as Siamese twin jokes––causing a roar of laughter throughout the audience.

Shaking things up, the Undeniably Adjacent’s first performance of the evening did not pick up audience suggestions per usual; instead, they used the topics discussed during Dr. Kilmartin’s routine as the subject of their various dialogues (Siamese twins, drinking with dogs, nuns, etc.). As expected, the Undeniably Adjacent’s humorous and witty interpretation of Dr. Kilmartin’s stand-up routine did justice to his preceding performance.

Naturally, the rest of the evening moved smoothly as the Undeniably Adjacent continued to entertain the large audience. The relaxed atmosphere, enthusiastic actors, and Dr. Kilmartin’s hilarious routine provided an undeniably memorable performance.