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LETTER: New Kappa Sigma fraternity looking for School recognition and members

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Dear Editor,

You may have heard about the new fraternity on campus, Kappa Sigma. We founded the organization over winter break, and we are currently recruiting to start a colony (as of now we are a nationally recognized interest group). Our ultimate goal is not to be another underground fraternity, but to be officially recognized by the university.

We want to start a new tradition of brotherhood here along with Psi Upsilon. In the pursuit of this goal we have been speaking to administrators, including President Hurley, about the possibility of changing the structure of student activities to allow for Greek-letter organizations, which once were prosperous on campus until the university became co-educational.

This effort has been met with resistance and hesitation, but the student voice should be the deciding factor in this discussion. Over 100 students currently participate in Greek-letter social organizations on campus and many more would if it was available.

The commitment to academics and brotherhood that is gained from being part of a fraternity is unmatched in other student-run clubs.
While Greek life is not for everyone, a school that forbids it is depriving the students of the opportunity to choose. It is time for Mary Washington to embrace Greek Life and allow its students to grow and to reach their full potential.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us at

James Sennett,
Acting-Grand Procurator