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Undeniably Adjacent's Post-Valentine's Day Show Was More Than Lovely

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A typical Friday evening with the Undeniably Adjacent consists of a numerous amount of students, a dearth of available seating, and an abundance of amusement. With this in mind, the Undeniably Adjacent exceeded expectations with their Post-Valentine’s Day show with notably strong performances throughout the evening.

For the first thirty minutes of the show, The Undeniably Adjacent regressed towards their original format of improvising various pieces based off of the audience’s one-word suggestion. The word was “didgeridoo”–an aboriginal, Australian musical instrument–undeniably leading to a culmination of rather eclectic depictions based off the word itself. The audience reveled in the troupe’s multiple parodies (“Black Swan,” “Jack and the Beanstalk” and the Discovery Channel) and recurring impersonations of stereotypical senior citizens.

The highlight of the second thirty-minute show was returning monologist, Matt Czap, formulating his politically satirical monologue around Egypt, the Bush presidencies and Bill Clinton being a “rockstar.”

The Undeniably Adjacent, infamous for their rather liberal tendencies, was able to win the crowd over with frequent Clinton and Bush impersonations, social criticisms and political witticisms. Despite the lack of attention towards Egypt on behalf of the troupe, it was successfully overshadowed by other political affairs interpreted in an otherwise amusing manner.

Former member, Scott Bernie, was the surprise and final monologist of the evening. Basing his monologue around the term “sweater vest,” Bernie launched into a rather terse discussion regarding a gift–also a sweater vest–from his aunt and the newfound trend found amongst the hipster culture.

The brevity of Bernie’s monologue did not serve as a struggle for the Undeniably Adjacent; rather, the group performed the most hilarious pieces derived from the monologue. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the improv team’s jabs at hipsters (hipster lifeguards, Urban Outfitters toy donations) and claustrophobia.

The Undeniably Adjacent’s Post-Valentine’s Show has, thus far, been the best show thus far with novelty and improvisation. Rarely was there an attempt to revitalize the audience or fellow team members into instant amusement–the Undeniably Adjacent was successful from the beginning.