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LETTER: Stop Objectifying the Female Body

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Dear Editor,

After reading Calvin Sherwood’s article “Warm Weather Brings Short Skirts and ‘Ogling’ Eyes” in The Bullet, I have to say that I was extremely shocked and a little disappointed that this article was printed.

First off, it’s completely normal and natural to wear less clothing when it gets warmer outside. Everyone does it, especially if they don’t want to suffer a heat stroke.

Secondly, it’s obvious and universally known that straight men will look at women and vice versa. And, since I am a woman, I can assure you that not once have a heard another woman say “Oh my God! That guy was just looking at me. What a pervert!” It’s more along the lines of “Hell yeah! I just got checked out!”

Believe me, we find it flattering. It’s nice to know when someone thinks you’re attractive.

Third, stop objectifying the female body. Our bodies do not consist of “delicious pieces.” And last of all, every man out there should take offense to this article.

We all know that you are not “weak creatures” that cannot control yourselves, because you can control yourself, you just don’t want to.  So, the next time you want to talk about women try talking to them. Or just use common sense. We know most guys are smarter than they look.

Courtney Turner is a