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Undeniably Adjacent's 2nd to Last Show Cracks Fans Up

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As we approach the end of the semester, UMW’s one and only improv troupe perseveres to end the final shows of the semester on a high note.

Fortunately, after two rather disappointing shows back-to-back, the Undeniably Adjacent successfully redeemed themselves this past weekend at their second-to-last show of the spring semester.

The core of the Undeniably Adjacent’s improvisation game depends upon one-word suggestions from audience members. Rather than adhering to the strict word-pattern format, the team welcomed back monologist Matt Czap to open and close the show with sarcastically entertaining monologues based on “surfers” and “rubber necking.”

In previous monologues, Czap did not shy away from incorporating introspective anecdotes into his monologues. Friday was no exception as Czap shared two separate anecdotes revealing the unforeseen hilarity of his father potentially breaking his neck and a funeral procession on Route 95, assisting the Undeniably Adjacent’s interpretation and enhancing their performance.

While the second thirty-minute segment did not have a monologist, the Undeniably Adjacent maintained a strong approach to the word “chili peppers.”

The absence of a preceding monologue allowed each of the members to channel their own personalities and [insert word for successfully here] cooperate with one another. One notable, recurring piece from the second show was the European Tattoo Shop.

The Undeniably Adjacent certainly took advantage of their talent with Russian accents and recognition of stereotypes to please the crowd.

Overall, the Undeniably Adjacent’s performances were loud with laughter and absolutely struggle-free, leaving the audience satisfied and simultaneously ecstatic and heartbroken about the final show to be held on Friday, April 22nd.

Luckily, frequent fans of the Undeniably Adjacent will have one more opportunity to witness the jokes of two notably humorous Undeniably Adjacent members––senior Kyle Dratwa and junior Isaac Whalen––at the Night of Stand-Up this Thursday, April 14th, at 8 p.m. in Combs 139. The event, like all Undeniably Adjacent shows, will be free.