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New Semester Brings Changes

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A number of changes to buildings on campus greeted students and faculty returning to the University of Mary Washington this semester.

These changes include the opening of the Anderson Center, the reopening of Monroe Hall and alterations to the dining centers in Woodard Campus Center. The décor of the Underground has also been modified to match its new dining option, Naturally Woodstock.

After two years of renovation, Monroe Hall was completed over the summer and is again functioning as an academic building. It houses the school’s departments of anthropology, economics, geography, history and American studies and political science and international affairs.

The Anderson Center opened for use this past August after being under construction since 2009. The Anderson Center is a multi-use facility created to host concerts, sports games and other special events, according to the university website.

The dining facilities in the Woodard Campus Center were also renovated. In addition to changing some of the décor on the ground floor, previous food providers in the Nest have been replaced by new ones, such as WOW Café and Wingery, and Vocelli Pizza.

Also, some of the dining options previously in the Nest, such as the café and sandwich station, have been moved to the Washroom. This allows for more seating in the Nest but less space in the Washroom for lounging areas and games.

The school is very proud of the recent changes, according to Rick Pearce, vice president for administration and finance and chief financial officer.

Changes were made to fit in with President Rick Hurley’s push to have UMW recognized as the best public liberal arts school in the country, according to Pearce.

David Domanski, a junior and political science major with five classes in Monroe, said he was especially happy with the changes in that building.

Sophomore Leanna Papp added that the classrooms and swivel desks in Monroe make discussion much easier in seminar classes.

Papp and Domanski both had problems with the new dining facilities in the Woodard Campus Center, though.

“The Washroom is less accessible and efficient,” Papp said.

Other changes include bringing Jazzman’s Café to the library, redoing the diner in Seacobeck, small renovations on some of the campus houses and work on aspects of the University Apartments, including the railings, sidewalks and curbs, in order to enhance safety and keep up general maintenance.

The school also converted one of the Battlefield playing fields into a turf field and one of the practice fields is getting turf and lighting to allow late night use by intramural teams.

Future changes to campus include the construction of a new campus center, slotted to take the place of Chandler Hall.