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The Bullet Sitcom Spectacular – Modern Family

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Usually when shows recast one of their main actors between seasons, the result is less than stellar. Thankfully, that is not the case with “Modern Family,” which features a new actress playing couple Mitchell and Cameron’s adopted toddler daughter, Lilly.

The season premiere takes place not at home, but on a family vacation to a dude ranch in Wyoming. Between a proposal, discussion of a new addition to the family and much hilarity, the premiere does not disappoint.

There is the usual comedic tension between characters and some great developments that will get viewers excited for the rest of the season.

The second episode of the season, which aired directly after the season premiere, also did not disappoint. It showcased the amazing acting ability of 4-year-old Aubrey Anerdon-Emmons who plays Lilly. There were some classic Mitchell and Cameron moments and parallels to the first episode of Season 1.

After seeing the first two episodes of Modern Family Season 3, one would be hard pressed not to get excited about the rest of the season.

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