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Online Exclusive – Campus Catwalk: Oct. 6, 2011

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Raven Applewhite


True fashion lovers all know that there is no season offers an endless supply of warm, cozy colors, layering combinations, and the footwear that we all adore quite like Fall. From tall boots to high-waisted corduroy pants this season’s styles offer just the right thing for all.

Over the past week fall fashion was in abundance on campus with various students showcasing their individual styles. Freshman Raven Applewhite said that she was inspired by both her mom and Erykah Badu when it came to her fashionable look. “I channel her. My style is about my lifestyle. I have a carefree attitude so that reflects the way I dress,” said Raven. When asked to describe her sense of style in three words Raven said: “free, thrifty, and boho.”

Aissata Toure

Junior Aissata Toure was also inspired by a significant cultural figure when it came to her look. “French first lady Carla Bruni. She is always very classy and put together.Just the way French women in general dress I really like,” said Aissata, who described her style as “put-together, creative, and classic.”

Katie Hardestry

Twenty-year-old International Affairs major, found inspiration for her fashionable style not through a particular person, but instead from ads and articles in magazines, saying, “I like a lot of fashion magazines like Vogue and stuff. I usually see bits and pieces of what I like in magazines and integrate it into one outfit.”

Keelin Haw

Junior Keelin Haw did not look to any outward references to find a sense of inspiration for her style, but instead looked into her own closet. She explained, “I usually just wear jeans and a shirt, usually I have just like a casual preppy look”.

Fashion is a continual growth of new and creative ideas. Merriam Webster dictionary defined it in 12 different ways, but the one I found most intriguing was, “Fashion: the make or form of something.” Fashion is what we make it to be. So don’t try to look like the person next to you. Create your own style, and don’t be afraid to pull out some of those old pieces right out of your closet. Have fun with your fall fashion this year, it only lasts a season so make the best out of it.

Images courtesy of Jamia Jordan/The Bullet