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Fall at Klein Theatre: Season of Love

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The Mary Washington department of theatre and dance has begun its latest production. “Rent,” a Broadway musical that mesmerized millions of New Yorkers, found its way to Mary Washington last Thursday in the Klein Theatre.

People can only say wonderful things about the first three performances.

“I absolutely loved it,” said freshman Isabelle Malouf, who went to see it opening night.

The Klein Theatre could easily be mistaken for a Broadway set with the famous metal table center stage, the scaffolding winding to a platform high above it, and the payphone on stage left. It’s simple, but it’s easy to believe that it would make writer Jonathan Larson, the writer of “Rent,” proud.

The voices were exceptional. Emotions ran high as the cast brought the audience into the streets of New York City. Laughter boomed with Maureen’s “Over the Moon” act. The audience actively mooed along with Judi Jackson, the freshman playing Maureen.

Anders Coe plays Angel, a drag queen who livens up the stage in wonderfully colorful outfits. He gave an outstanding performance in “Today 4 U” wearing his Christmas-themed costume complete with high-heel boots.

His voice triggered goosebumps on freshman Molly Everett’s arms.

“I would go see it again just to watch him,” she said.

When the time came in the second act for AIDS to finally take Angel away, tears flowed through the audience.

There were no characters lacking talent. Austin Bouchard, playing Roger, gave a moving performance during “One Song Glory.”

Jonathan Karns, playing Mark, was awkward and fun, the exact kind of character Mark was meant to be. Even the actors in the ensemble proved to be amazing.

The department’s production of “Rent” is well worth seeing.

Photos courtesy of Geoff Greene.  To see more of his pictures of “Rent,” click here.