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Safety Walk Occurs Without Drama

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After a history of controversial events on past University of Mary Washington’s Safety Walks, this year’s, held Nov. 9, occurred without incident.

During the 2008 Safety Walk, police were unable to determine the location of a test call. In 2009, former President Judy Hample tested the blue light system during the Safety Walk by pretending to be a student who felt like she was in danger. Police took six minutes to arrive at the scene. Police later decided not to press charges on Hample for filing a false report.

The 2011 Safety Walk was led by sophomore Peyton Kremer, the buildings and grounds chairman for the Student Senate. Other members of the Student Senate who participated in the walk included junior Rob Belcourt and junior Sean Simons.

The Student Senate hopes to bring to the faculty’s attention to various problems that occur around campus, according to Kramer.

Kremer added that the walks are ultimately beneficial, as the faculty always does their best to “address what we bring up.”

Some of the issues highlighted on this walk included the black tiles that get slippery from rain outside the Eagle’s Nest, the lack of a pedestrian sidewalk on the road outside of the parking garage, and a broken door at Eagle Landing.

Additionally, one the blue lights outside of Seacobeck was burnt-out, though the station itself was operational.

“Every year, every semester we’ve had safety walks we’ve followed up on it,” said Cedric Rucker, the dean of student life, who also attended the walk. “And that is the student voice in action! I like that.”