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Making Stylish Choices For the Holidays

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Holidays are just around the corner and if you are anything like me you are already making preparations for your festivities. However, there always seems to be one underlying question: what to wear? From meeting a significant others’ family to attending a church function, everyone wants to dress trendy and stylish, yet appropriate. 21-year-old, philosophy major Abbie Buadiwa knows just how to do this.

Dressed for the season, Buadiwa wore a red mini skirt paired with a black sequined tank top and black high heels. She accessorized the ensemble with a brown leather jacket and silky scarf paired with silver sparkling earrings.

In three words Buadiwa characterized her sense of style as being “trendy, sexy and classy.”

She gave the typical college fashionista a few words of advice for the holidays, “Figure out which part of your body works well for you and don’t hide under too much make-up, just let people see your natural beauty.

Depending on the weather, throw on some skinny jeans, and a top, and accessorize it up with some earrings and a pair of heels. Find something that works for you. You know what part of your body is sexy.”

On what not to wear this holiday season Buadiwa said, “Don’t wear black dresses! People are trying to be too safe. Stay away from the dull colors but especially black! Christmas is a festive season – try something new. Dressing sexy doesn’t mean showing too much. Figure out a way to be sexy in a classy way.”

With that in mind, here are a few tips for pumping up your holiday wear for the typical broke college fashionista. First, stick to what’s comfortable for you.

Look in your closet and pull out some things you already have. Don’t be afraid to brighten up your attire a bit to get in the festive holiday mood. However, be careful not to go too flashy. Try comfy flats and a colorful cardigan paired with a solid colored shirt underneath. You can always throw on some holiday-themed earrings and a pair of stylish skinny jeans to dress and outfit up or down.

Secondly, when meeting your significant other’s folks for the first time, never wear something that you have not worn before. No one wants a wardrobe malfunction on the first meeting. If you like to dress fun and flirty try a strapless dress. Add a turtleneck and solid colored blazer to add a sense of quirkiness. You can find little items like these at Target, Forever 21, or even H&M.

Finally, have fun! This is a season of joy so dress in what makes you feel happy. I always say, “when you look good you feel good.”

Image courtesy of Jamia Jordan/The Bullet