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Housing Process Streamlined for Next Semester

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The University of Mary Washington has introduced several new updates to its housing selection process for the 2012-2013 school year.

Associate Director for Operations and Housing Keith Cosentino said, “The whole goal is to make the process more customer-friendly.”

Cosentino explained that the changes to the housing selection process may seem confusing at first, but will ultimately benefit students by making the process easier.

The changes are meant to eliminate the unnecessary wait time between selection sessions, which will streamline the entire process, according to Cosentino. Michelle Brooks, operations and housing coordinator, expects that each student will have selected their place of residence before spring break.

The lottery system will remain the same; lottery numbers will be based on class level and GPA. Students will still be able to use their roommate’s lottery number to select their housing ahead of their personal number’s appointed time.

New changes will eliminate time slots meant for students who have already selected their housing using another person’s number, decreasing the amount of time the entire process takes.

The Office of Residence Life will update students constantly about which places of residence are available. Appointment times will be received via email at least 24 hours in advance.

Randolph and Mason Halls will again be available for students, although the decision as to which hall will house only freshman has not yet been made. A sample room will be available for students before housing selection begins.

Residence Life is focused on increasing the interaction between student and academic affairs, explained Brooks. To encourage this, the new rotunda area between Randolph and Mason Halls will house seminar rooms and study spaces.

Freshman Allison Mackrell said that she is excited to see what the renovations will be like, since she has never seen the inside of either hall before.

When asked what she thinks about the integration of academics and student life through the rotunda area, Mackrell responded, “That sounds like a really good idea, now I live in Jefferson and I feel like there’s no good place to study or get work done.”

Willard Hall will now offer only single rooms at a premium price. South Hall will not be available for students, as it is being used for an international program. The UMW Apartments will still be reserved for students with 60 or more credits, and Eagle Landing will still be designated for upperclassman only.

Brooks and Cosentino encouraged students to speak with their parents during winter break to determine which dorm or apartment complex might be best for them. Students should sign their housing agreement and meal plan contract before attending the housing selection.

Brooks strongly encouraged students to visit the Residence Life website for more details regarding housing selection, and to vigilantly check their email during the selection process, as updates will be frequent.