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"Beast" is Still a "Beauty" in 3-D

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School may be back in session, homework might be piling up already, and your back might be aching from carrying all those books, but there is one bright ray of happiness that can light up the darkness of mid-January: “Beauty and the Beast,” the decades old Disney classic, has been released in 3-D, and its arrived just in time to brighten up the bleak reality that it returning for the spring semester.

There are, hopefully, no sudden and demanding projects clogging up your schedule, and homework is probably light for the moment, so why not head over to the Regal Cinema in Central Park?

Like the 3D release of “The Lion King” last semester, this is an opportunity to do what many college students love best – reconnect with nostalgia and childhood memories.

This is a rare chance to see Belle dance the night away with the Beast in the castle ballroom on the big screen, a chance many of us did not even get the first time around.
Just sitting in the dark theater and watching the opening forest sequence unfold is pretty magical in and of itself.

Another reason to see the re-release is the 3-D overhaul.

Many might perceive it as an extra expense to a movie that detracts from the viewing experience, but in this case, the 3-D effects are well worth the price.

They only add to the beauty of the film, adding scale and charming details that make Belle’s world a little more real for the viewer.

The castle becomes a huge, towering masterpiece, and the numerous pieces of artwork inside it are more visible.

If you were frightened as a child by the beastly statues hanging around the castle, rest assured you’ll be sufficiently spooked this time around.

This effect also contributes well to many of the musical numbers, especially “Be Our Guest” and the title song.

The acrobatics from the dancing cutlery and household objects are all the more fantastic, especially the forks doing the can-can on the chandelier. The domed ceiling in the dance scene also becomes exceptionally beautiful, giving a real feeling of grandeur to the romantic moment between Belle and her Beast.

If you enjoyed the original film, there’s no reason you won’t enjoy seeing it again in theaters, and the 3-D adds a little something extra for childhood fans of “Beauty and the Beast” and addition incentive for those of us who have lived under rocks and never seen one of Disney’s best films.

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