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"Downton Abbey": What's Not to Love?

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Fact: you cannot maintain a conversation about television today without someone mentioning “Downton Abbey.”

From it’s abundant Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, to students who guiltily admit spending their nights marathon-watching Season one, watching “Downton Abbey” is all but unavoidable.

How did a show with humble beginnings become one of the most globally-acclaimed English television series of 2011?

The opening theme is captivating – an incredible castle surrounded by luscious green and blue skies complimented by a piano cover of Mary-Jess Leaverland’s “Did I Make The Most of Loving You?”

If anybody was searching for the perfect clip to tickle their frequent Anglophilia-fancies, the “Downton Abbey” theme song would undeniably be it.

It may seem impossible to believe, but the show only improves upon introduction to the Crawley family, the main operators of the aforementioned estate, and their staff.

The basic premise is that the estate’s heir must be male; however, the family’s fortune is in danger because they have no male heir, further jeopardizing their wealth.

Why would that be interesting? Easy: The Masterpiece Classic series has the crème de la crème of English theater, boasting names such as Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville.
The acting is effortless, but the depiction of the historical time period is even more a reason to consider watching this show.

This show actually showcases critical, historical themes that later – at some point in time – define forthcoming movements and generations: the emergence of women’s suffrage, the constant struggle for social equality, and the transition into World War I and modernity.

“Downton Abbey” manages to masterfully depict an import time in world history while simultaneously being immensely entertaining.

If you aren’t intrigued to look into the show yet, then you just don’t like television.

The show is currently in its second season in the United States. You can watch it Sundays at 9 p.m. on PBS.

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