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"Tower Heist" is Good For a Laugh

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If you are into comical caper films, you should take advantage of this weekend’s Cheap Seats showing of “Tower Heist.”

Composed of an unconventional cast, “Tower Heist” brings together big names such as Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck and Alan Alda for an impressively well-balanced performance of amateur thievery.

Josh Kovacs (Stiller), a wholly committed manager for an extravagant Manhattan apartment complex called “The Tower,” entrusts the pensions of his staff to be invested by billionaire tenant Arthur Shaw (Alda).

While attempting to evade felony fraud offenses, Shaw is busted by the FBI. Afterwards, Kovacs is informed that all of the staff pensions are unrecoverable.

In order to compensate for the lost pensions of his entire staff, Kovacs hatches a plan to steal millions of dollars supposedly hidden away in Shaw’s penthouse, but not without help.

Kovacs calls upon Slide (Murphy), a small-time swindler, to help him and his eclectic collection of disheartened laborers carry out the elaborate robbery.

If you are solely logic-oriented in your heist movie tastes, this may not be the film for you. While many heist movies focus on the believability of implementation, “Tower Heist” is more lighthearted in detail.

However, this film patches any plot pitfalls it has with its laugh-out-loud humor.

So, if you don’t mind escapism amusement and being robbed of a few laughs, seeing this movie for only $1 is a definite steal.

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