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'Moon' Coming 'Over' Mary Washington

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The University of Mary Washington’s Department of Theatre and Dance is hard at work putting together the play “Moon Over Buffalo,” which will premiere Thursday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. in Klein Theatre, DuPont Hall.

“Moon Over Buffalo,” by Ken Ludwig tells the tale of two fading theater actors, George and Charlotte Hay (played by Rob Jones and Carly Maalouf), who get caught in a whirlwind of mishaps when they learn that film director Frank Capra will be at their upcoming theater performance. This loud, boisterous farce is chalk full of misunderstandings and mix-ups.

“Madness happens,” says Gregg Stull, chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance and director of “Moon Over Buffalo.”

Taking place in 1953 in Buffalo, New York at the Erlanger Theatre, the set features complex architecture and design. Hours are spent daily to create realistic looking crown moldings, a moveable stage, 1950s rifles, and more.

Behind the scenes, work for the set has been going on for months.

Shop assistant George Florence, a senior, said “It’s a massive set. Biggest one we’ve had in a while.”

Set designer David Hunt, professor of theater, described the work that has to be done, “A lot of the set has to move. Also, it’s realistic so it requires a lot of detail work.”

The Renaissance Revival style in both the scenery and costumes is sure to impress.

Students Karen DeVigili, Bess Ten Eyck, Evan Crump, Kelly Whelan, J.B. Bridgeman, and Chris Shea were also cast in the play, which looks to be shaping up nicely.