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SGA Takes on Cyber-Bullying

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The UMW Student Senate continued toward their goal of building a better relationship with students by pushing for new motions, including an anti-bullying effort and getting popular beverages on campus, last week.

One motion passed would help to get student-voting representation on the Board of Visitors (BOV). Currently there are two spots for student representation: Honor Council President and Student Government Association President.

“This is a step in showing the students want to be heard,” said SGA Vice President Monique dela Cruz.

Along with these motions, the SGA debuted an anti-bullying effort, “#LOVE,” that began this week. The mission “#LOVE” is to not only promote an end to bullying, but also talk about what social media is really used for.

“I think that cyber bullying is seen as a high school problem, but it’s in college too and it is even worse,” said dela Cruz.

The campaign promotes social media being used for connecting with people on a positive note and not for making disparaging comments.

“It doesn’t fit in with in our community values,” said SGA President Robert Belcourt.

Another motion passed last week would provide the popular orange drink, Sunny D, on campus for students.

This Friday and Saturday there will be a BOV meeting. All concerns that students would like student representatives to discuss should email the SGA.

Next week, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, there will be a town hall meeting including community members and the UMW administration, along with the SGA.

“We will be discussing the relationship between the university and the city,” said Belcourt. “We are going to talk about how we can work to together to form a better relationship.”

The town hall meeting will take place in Lee Hall, room 411 at 7 p.m.

Next Wednesday will also include nominations for all SGA positions and the finance committee at the student senate meeting in Monroe Hall 116 at 4:00 p.m.

“I think it’s important to make the process more democratic, which can be done with more people running,” said dela Cruz.