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The Kills Live Stream New York Show

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After ten years together, The Kills are still full of “Wild Charms.” This indie rock duo gave a stellar 90-minute performance this past Saturday at Terminal 5 venue in New York City.

You may be asking yourself, how was someone in Virginia able to enjoy a concert in NYC? Thanks to webcasting technology, anyone anywhere can enjoy a live performance by his or her favorite band.

Live streaming has made it possible for bands like The Kills to reach a global audience. Not only can you enjoy awesome shows from the comfort of your own home, but you also get to save money while doing it!

Although the concert experience online differs from the one seen live in a jam-packed stadium, it’s not as bad as some might think.

Live streaming eliminates having to worry about travel expenses or the hassle of getting to and from a concert. It also makes the viewing of a performance more pleasant because you don’t have to fight through crowds of people just to get to your seat. So are live streaming concerts a success? I would say yes. If not for this modern technology that has taken the world by storm, I would have missed a phenomenal show by a truly great band.

The Kills’ set list included songs from their most recent albums, “Blood Pressures” and “Midnight Boom.” They played a total of twenty songs or so, each one just as good as the last. The concert showcased the depth of their lyrics, while also displaying their raw, edgy sound.

Accompanied by individual drummers as opposed to their usual electronic drum machine, The Kills gave it their all from start to finish. With some of their best material yet, this performance is one to be remembered.

This talented duo, composed of United Kingdom native Jamie Hince and American Alison Mosshart, came together over a shared appreciation for blues and rock & roll music. Sharing both the vocal and guitar work, this pair’s outstanding chemistry takes their music to the next level.

Their love for funky rhythms is evident in songs like “Heart is a Beating Drum.” You can clearly hear Hince’s bluesy guitar riffs throughout the entire melody.

A rare gem in a pop-infused world, The Kills’ music is gripping and unique. NPR calls them “one of the grittiest rock duos of the past decade.”

Together since 2002, Mosshart and Hince have formed a musical partnership that will hopefully last for many years to come. So if an honest and resonating sound is what you crave, then The Kills is the band for you.

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