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Staff Receives Service Awards

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For six University of Mary Washington employees, this February marked a milestone in their careers. Michael Hawkins, Johnny Newett, Jennifer Batson, Curtiss Grymala, Timothy Owens and Paul Riley all received UMW Service Awards this month.

The UMW Service Award marks the anniversaries of Virginia state employment. “Recognition is given for total years of state service, not just UMW service,” explained Human Resources Analyst Lynne Lee.

This award recognizes years of employment starting at five years and ranging to 45 years of service.

While Batson, Curtiss, Owens and Riley all received awards for five years of employment, Newett received his for 15 years and Hawkins for 20.

“I have always worked here at the university, 15 years this February,” said Newett, who works as a network analyst senior in George Washington Hall.

Other employees, like Owens and Riley, have not always been with UMW.

“I did work at another university, Longwood University, before I came here. I began working at Longwood in 2006 and came to UMW last summer,” said Owens, a UMW instructional technical specialist.

Riley, a board-certified family practitioner, joined UMW in 2007 after working in private family practice for 23 years. Riley is now the Director of the Student Health Center and the University Physician.

According to Lee, the month before recognition, supervisors are informed that one of their employees will be recognized the following month. During the month of recognition, it is up to the supervisor to present the award in a meaningful way and in a personal setting.