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‘The Walking Dead’ Is Finally Running

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For a season and a half, viewers of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” have faithfully slogged through boring episodes, tortured by the writers’ attempts at that dreaded television term, “character development.”

Now, their patience is finally being rewarded.

Starting with the recent mid-season premiere, TV’s best (and only) zombie show has ramped up the action, filling episodes with good-old-fashioned zombie slaughter, as well as some human conflict.

For those who are new to the show, the story centers around Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), a police officer who is leading his family and a large group of survivors through a world filled with zombies as they search for safe haven.

The group dynamic allows for excellent character interaction, as strangers are forced to work together to survive in a hostile world. The first season and a half focused on this aspect of the show, as characters argued, had sex, formed alliances, and dealt with their past, but didn’t really go anywhere or do anything.

Although this segment of the show was very slow, and at times downright boring, it was absolutely necessary for viewers to feel connected to the characters. Now, as the action is beginning to pick up, we actually feel something when their brains are being eaten.

Fortunately for viewers, the writers have realized this and loaded the past few episodes with undead action, including a zombie massacre by firing squad, a gearshift-turned zombie stabbing weapon scene, and a human vs. human tavern shootout. This stellar action, coupled with the tension that is growing within Grime’s group, is making for some must-see TV.

“Walking Dead” fans are finally getting what they wanted, and this wild ride is just beginning. If you haven’t yet hopped on, it might be time to do so before you’re left in the dust.

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