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First Lawlz for Bawlz Comedy Show Friday at UMW

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If you’re a Mary Washington student, then you’ve heard of Haha’s for Tatas, the student stand up comedy event for breast cancer research, and if you haven’t, then its time you looked into it. However, you might not have heard of Lawlz for Ballz.

Cole Eskridge, a senior biology major, saw Haha’s for Tatas last Fall and thought to himself todo this same event for a type of cancer that men suffer from. So he set out and planned the first annual Lawlz for Ballz comedy show, premiering this Friday, March 16 in the Great Hall.

Lawlz for Ballz aims to provide a one-hour comedy show with admittance by $2 donation. After seeing Haha’s he said something resonated with him and that the idea of a comedy show to raise money for a very unfunny thing seemed like a great idea.

He continued, “If we have an event for a female type cancer, why not one for a male type?”

Eskridge teamed up with Abby Kimmit, a junior biology and environmental science major and one of the planners of Haha’s, to get things rolling. Within a couple weeks of pitching the idea to Student Activities and Engagement, Eskridge and Kimmitt found themselves holding auditions for comedians to perform for the show. If you come out Friday, you’ll be sure to see some familiar faces including Joshua Lawson, Maura Monahan, Michaela Godfrey, Chris Vellucci, Annie Blaine and Kyle Phalen. You’ll also see a new comedian, Claire Pickard, making her debut.

Eskridge believes that the event will see similar numbers to that of Haha’s given that it appeals to the same crowd. All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society to help the search for a cure for cancer. Typically, testicular cancer is treatable by an orchiectomy of either one or both testicles, depending on where the cancer is. Eskridge is aiming to get at least $300 in donations from Friday night’s show.

Given that he is graduating this spring, Eskridge hopes that Lawlz will continue under the guidance of those who plan Haha’s next fall.

Kimmitt might be his saving grace as she added, “I’m not funny, but I can plan things and I love doing it. I love tying together a bunch of talented student comedians to give the campus a good show. But my favorite part is knowing that by making people laugh, we’re also collecting money to help cancer patients/research for a cure.”

If you don’t have any plans this Friday night, come out to Lawlz for Ballz and laugh for a good cause. Show starts at 7 p.m. and asks for $2 donations for admission.