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Online Exclusive: Tyler Perry's 'Good Deeds' Meets Fan Expectations

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Sitting in a four story Regal movie theatre in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, I cried, laughed, and was inspired as I viewed yet another one of Tyler Perry’s dramatic motion picture films during my spring break. There was no surprise that his latest film, Good Deeds, carried the weight of high expectations because of the popularity of his previous works like “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” or the television series “House of Payne.” After its premiere on February 24th, the film reached No. 2 in the box office its opening weekend, earning a respectable $15,583,924 on 2,132 screens.

The film centers on the life of a successful, young businessman named Wesley Deeds. Deeds has lived his life doing gexactly what was expected of him, including taking over his father’s computer software company after he passed. Throughout the film Deeds is tormented by his jealous brother, and bombarded by endless wedding planning, all while trying to live up to everyone’s high standards.

British actress Thandie Newton, who plays Lindsey, a single mother struggling to make ends meet, jolts Deeds out of his predictable day-to-day lifestyle. When Deeds decides to help Lindsey and her daughter get back on their feet, he slowly begins to fall in love with her even though she is far outside of his regular social circle. With one good deed after another, Deeds slowly realizes that he needs Lindsey just as much as she needs him. With Lindsey, Deeds feels as though he can live the life that he has always wanted, and take risks without judgment.

The film focuses on the self growth of Deeds and what he really wants in life. Both Deeds and Lindsey are looking to find something in life, Lindsey stability and Deeds anything to snap him out of his predetermined life, and they happen to find each other.

The story becomes a bit of a love triangle. Deeds has to decide whether to follow his heart and try living this new long desired life with Lindsey or marrying a woman he thought he loved (Gabrielle Union) but no longer wants. Without spoiling anything, “Good Deeds” is definitely worth seeing.