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IT Talks to SGA About Technology

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UMW’s Information Technologies (IT) department presented a discussion with the Student Senate about technology problems on campus.

The presentation took place last night at the Student Senate’s weekly meeting.

IT Vice President Justin Webb and IT Project Coordinator Sean O’Brien spoke about the latest IT problems at UMW.

Webb began by addressing questions concerning wireless Internet access on mobile devices.

He addressed the “point-to-point dropout signals when moving from one building to another,” and stated that IT is currently working with Apogee to replace all wireless access points on campus.

Webb went on to say they are working on “replacing labs in Jepson, Combs and Melchers with new systems and new hardware.”

Webb stated that IT is “trying to make our resources more accessible to everybody.” Webb added that a main problem they are facing is “not having enough money to do what we need to do.” He continued by stating that they are working to improve what they can with what funds are available.

Freshman Lily Wright stated that she has constant issues with internet where she lives in Alvey Hall.

“It works fine for me until about eight at night, and then it starts to get slow,” said Wright.

Freshman Mary Honard echoed Wright’s complaints.

“Sometimes the internet just completely goes out until I reset the connection,” said Honard of the internet at Jefferson Hall.

Some SGA members brought up issues with the UMW Guest Internet access, specifically the constant request of students to re-enter passwords every time they log onto their computers.

“Security is really an important part of what we do,” responded Webb.  “That is a problem we are going to continually try to address.”

Webb said they are planning to extend guest access to a week rather than just 24 hours.

Wright believes the requirement of login every time is an important security measure to protect from outside invasion.

“[There is] an increase in security posture everywhere, not just UMW,” said Webb.

He cited the recent issues of phishing, spam, and theft as reasons for advanced security on UMW’s web access.

“These are just measure really to protect you guys,” said Webb. “Security is not going away. It’s only going to get tighter.”

“It’s annoying but it’s doable,” said Honard of IT’s security precautions.

The SGA meeting was adjourned following Webb and O’Brien’s presentation.