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Ad Campaign Comes to An End

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The University of Mary Washington is taking down the billboards and advertising that began in conjunction with the rebranding process in October, during which it partnered with the Educational Marketing Group (EMG), hoping to attract attention to the university.  However, the University will continue to work with EMG on marketing endeavors.

UMW hired EMG to promote the university’s name and look. The agency worked previously with other colleges, including Texas State University and Old Dominion University, and was familiar with how to promote all schools whether big or small.

According to Anna Billingsley, associate vice president of university relations and communications, the university is an “undiscovered gem” and the point of this advertising campaign was to bring light to the campus and make it a “discovered gem.

“The greatest positive is that a buzz has been created about UMW,” Billingsley said.

She described the new campaign as “new and innovative and something the University would continue to do.”

According to Billingsley, the experience was positive and the university received positive feedback.

“[The region] will continue to see innovative publications and advertisements emanating from UMW,” said Billingsley.

According to Billingsley, the university is developing a special microsite for prospective students. The site will “provide more information in a more stimulating way about the university than they would find by going directly to our web site,” said Billingsley.

The new micro site would help interested students learn more about the university, according to Billingsley.

Jeff Branson, sophomore biology major and chemistry minor, was asked to be a part of the new ad campaign.

“Being a part of the advertising campaign was fun and exciting,” Branson said.

He was happy to see the university making a push to become more widely known.

Lavar Edmonds, sophomore mathematics major and economics minor, was also happy to be a part of UMW’s ad campaign.

“I take pride in knowing that I play a minute, yet sufficient, role in the expansion of the school’s name,” Edmonds said.

Christine Zale, sophomore historic preservation and English major, believes the campaign is a good way to get publicity for UMW.

“I think by the university including it’s students in their ads they are showing a sense of pride in their students which will help draw the attention of new applicants,” said Zale.

On April 11, the lede of this article was changed for clarification purposes.