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Mary Washington Men Speak Up on Female Fashion

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Have you ever questioned what guys like most about women’s apparel, or if they even notice style at all? Well for one they do notice, and after interviewing a few Mary Washington guys I quickly learned that every guy has his own take on what he likes and dislikes about female fashion. Despite what these three guys have to say, the most important thing for ladies to remember is to dress in what makes you feel comfortable as a woman.

Junior shooting guard and small forward for the UMW men’s basketball team, Ej Willis, sums up his own sense of style in three words: urban, vintage and coordinated but not to the “T”. As for women’s apparel he said, “I just like women to be expressive and wear clothes that fit them well. Whether the clothing is loud or sophisticated, I just like the woman to look swagged out.”

Brooke Comfort, a sophomore business administration major, seemed to bring out just that swag Willis described as she strutted down Campus Walk in a head-turning get up. Wearing a silver sequenced V-neck blouse accented with black sleeves, Comfort added her own flash of color with red fitted skinny jeans. She finished the outfit off with black high heels and accessorized her outfit with long silver earrings.

Next, I interviewed someone who many would look at as the typical cute shy guy. However, sophomore biology major Chris Annesi did not hold anything back when he commented on women’s fashion. He characterized his own sense of style in three words: “college casual, preppy, and a little dressed up.”

When it came to women’s apparel, Anessi seemed to have a slightly different outlook then what was previously stated.

“I definitely like women who are a little bit more elegant and dressy, but not trashy,” he said. “I like that older more sophisticated look. Girls should not be dressing like they are still in high school when they are in college.”

Haley Cook, a sophomore education major, seemed to match Annesi’s depiction of the “elegant lady.” Enjoying her day out in the sun as she waited in between classes, I quickly noticed Cooke’s ensemble. Her put-together outfit looked sophisticated, but young and flirty at the same time. She wore a jean button-up shirt, topped with a plum rose colored cardigan. Cooke added a flash of color with her white skinny jeans and royal blue thin-strapped sandals. She accessorized her outfit with a long beaded necklace, multiple hand rings, and a multi-color printed handbag.

Last but not least I decided to have a chat with one of our very own Nest employees to get his take on woman’s apparel. Junior biology major Ricky Humphries described his own sense of style in three words: “colorful, versatile, and comfortable.”

When it comes to woman’s apparel Humphries said, “I like color a lot. If you want to stand out in my eyes, wear a lot of color like something that stands out and not everyone else is wearing. I’m not really picky though, I just like seeing them work it.”

Katherine Rios, freshman psychology major, matched the colorful spirit Humphries described in her apparel. She wore a multi-color cropped top with white skinny jeans accented with a brown belt. Her top consisted of various designs and patterns which dressed the outfit up, not needing much of anything else. She finished the outfit off with a solid brown flip flops. Her ensemble had a mix of colors in a very tasteful way – not too much but just enough.

Most guys do notice apparel and have their own opinion on our choices for the day whether we think they notice or not. So continue dressing in what makes you unique and what you’re comfortable.