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Stafford Writing Center Prepares Grand Opening After Renovations

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The University of Mary Washington’s Stafford campus completed renovations to its writing center and held its grand re-opening on April 3.

Gwendolyn Hale, director of Fredericksburg and Stafford campus writing centers, said, “We did all this because there is longstanding theory with regards to education, but in particular writing centers, about space and atmosphere. Writing centers are supposed to be disarming and accommodating to students.”

According to Hale, she and her staff hoped to make the facility an inviting environment where students would be inclined to seek assistance with their writing.

Remodeling was no problem for the staff, according to Hale. She said the remodeling was a team effort that helped everyone in the office grow closer.

“We all—Jennifer Henderson, Connie Dowell, Amanda Rutstein, and Burke Moeller, staff and student aids—worked together on the space, and each one of us contributed to the design and space, ultimately making it a place we all had a hand in designing,” said Hale.

Hale, who paid for the renovations herself, believes they will have other positive outcomes.

“While it changes nothing as far as the top notch services we provide, the new renovation does allow people to see our personalities as well as allow people to feel comfortable when they are there,” Hale said.

Sophomore Alison Downie visits the writing center on the Fredericksburg campus often and finds it helpful.

“Every time I go there for help I am treated with such hospitality, I always want to come back,” Downie said. “The new renovation at Stafford displays just how much UMW does to please its students.”