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XV Delivers 'Awesome' Performance

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On Saturday night, hip-hop fans at UMW were treated to a free concert by XV, a rising rap star from Wichita, KS.

Although the crowd barely filled half of the Great Hall, the energy onstage and below was obvious as XV jumped around the stage, clearly enjoying himself while hyping up the crowd.

XV performed his hit single, “Awesome,” which is featured in the popular video game NBA 2K12. While the song usually includes Pusha T, a member of the legendary rap duo Clipse, XV more than flourished by himself, sending the crowd into a frenzied chant of “awesome!” during the song’s chorus.

XV ended the show with an encore performance of his popular hit, “U.F.C,” donning the famous clown mask worn during the song’s music video.

The Kansas native has gained popularity since the release of his most recent mix tape, “Zero Heroes,” which is highlighted by his two previously mentioned singles, as well as “Wichita,” produced by rap icon Just Blaze, “Textbook Stuff,” featuring fellow up and comer Kendrick Lamar, and “Smallville,” produced by the young rap star J. Cole.

The concert was a fun prelude to XV’s “L7 Tour,” which includes performances in New York City and Boston.

XV was joined by openers Adam Zombie, a young group from Richmond, Va. They performed most of their mix tape, “Kick Kick Punch,” which combines laid-back beats with playful lyricism and witty pop culture references.

Although the crowd was excited for XV, Adam Zombie received a very warm welcome, and by the time their set was over, it was clear that they had acquired plenty of new fans at UMW.

The concert was hosted by the recently formed UMW chapter of the Student Hip-Hop Organization, who were lucky enough to hang out with the performers after the show.
The club’s mission is to spread awareness and appreciation of hip-hop music around campus, and this concert was their first event.

It is safe to say that the club will be considering the concert a success, since one can expect to hear a lot more XV and Adam Zombie being played by new fans around campus in the next few weeks.