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Wes' Side of the Story: The Irony of Metta World Peace

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Despite a name change, Metta World Peace, is a clear example that actions speak louder than words. The former Ron Artest was ejected from a game last weekend for elbowing James Harden in the face. In a matchup between rivals Los Angeles Lakers and Kansas City Thunder, World Peace connected his left elbow to Harden’s jaw after Harden accidentally impeded the path of World Peace. After a dunk, World Peace was pumped up and Harden was in the wrong place at the wrong time when World Peace jogged back to play defense. Harden made slight contact just to get out of the way and World Peace responded by a bow to the face.

This wasn’t the first time that World Peace has exhibited his violent behavior. In 2004 when he was playing with the Indiana Pacers a beer was thrown at him at the conclusion of the game. Artest went into the stands to try and fight the perpetrator. In 2007 he was arrested for a domestic violence charge when playing for the Sacremnto Kings.

Since 2007, it has seemed that World Peace has settled down. He has three kids and a wife on basketball ball wives. He tricked the league into giving him the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, which is “given to a player, coach or trainer who shows outstanding service and dedication to the community.”
He changed his name prior to the season in September in order to “inspire and bring youth together all around the world.” “Metta” is also a traditional Buddhist word that means loving kindness and friendliness towards all. His name cannot be more hypocritical.

In regards to inspiring youth, instead of being the role model that kids can look up to, he is an excuse for kids to think violence is ok. They’ll think it is ok to elbow people in the face just because Metta World Peace does. Being a role model is inevitable for any celebrity, especially basketball players. Kids want to do everything their idols do and that includes the good and the bad.
World Peace didn’t show any loving, kindness or friendliness Sunday afternoon. He actually did the opposites with his reckless display of unprovoked violence.

David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, handed down a seven game suspension for World Peace’s actions. Due to it being the end of the season, lets just hope the Lakers are out of the playoffs before the hothead is back on the court.

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco announced that he will change his name back to Johnson before next NFL season and I suggest that Metta World Peace would follow suit.