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BOV Introduces New Staff Members

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The University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors (BOV) met with student leaders last Friday April 20 to discuss student affairs and recognize student achievement.

The BOV heard from the leaders of the Honor Council and Student Government (SGA) as they transitioned into their new staff positions.

Senior Aaron McPherson introduced his successor, Alexander Larmour as Honor Council president. Junior Robert Belcourt introduced the new SGA President, Jeremy Thompson.

Belcourt announced that he would remain with SGA, but in the vice president position.

McPherson presented the changes of the Honor Constitution to the BOV. Students had already had the opportunity to view and approve the changes via email. The BOV approved the changes and seemed enthusiastic about the future plans of the Honor Council.

Belcourt and Thompson re-emphasized the role of the SGA over the next year, focusing on transparency on campus. They informed the BOV of the recent Greek life on campus survey, but were not ready to reveal the results.

The BOV also discussed the plans for the future campus center, reviewing a new mock-up of what the building will look like.

According to a report from Doug Searcy, Vice President for Student Affairs, the plans for the campus center are still very much in progress and finalized drawings will not be available for several months, at least.