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New Season of “Doctor Who” Excites Fans on Campus

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As some University of Mary Washington students prepared for their Saturday night, other equally eager students sat with baited breath in front of their televisions.

Sept. 1 marked the premier of the seventh season of “Doctor Who,” the reboot of a classic British television show that went off air in 1989 after 26 seasons. In 2005 it was broadcast once again with an entirely new production team and actors.

For some students, it was a race against time to catch up to the season premier.

Margeaux Ducoing, a sophomore, only recently started watching “Doctor Who.”

“Basically I just started watching it around two weeks ago, and I have been watching it every day till the season seven premier so I can get caught up.”
Students broke into groups all across the school in order to watch and put on viewing parties.

The UMW Whovians, an on-campus club that gathers every Saturday to watch new episodes of “Doctor Who,” was one of the larger groups that assembled.
They gathered in the common room of Virginia Hall to watch as the Doctor took on his oldest enemy in the season premier episode “Asylum of the Daleks.”
Other students, like Eileen Coxe, another sophomore, watched the show from the comfort of their own dorms.

Coxe, a fan of “Doctor Who” since season one of the reboot, was extremely excited for the new season, and was not disappointed.

“I thought it was brilliant,” Coxe said. “However, the ending was a little obvious.”

Unfortunately, not all fans were pleased.

Maggie Siddle has been a fan since the fourth season, but didn’t think it lived up to the hype.

“It was still really good, I just wouldn’t classify it as anywhere near one of the best episodes,” said Siddle.

Luckily for UMW students pleased and disappointed alike an entire season lies ahead, full of new surprises, adventures and mysteries.